March 27, 2017

Aggro Shaman


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9 Comments on Aggro Shaman

  1. I find Finley really awkward early game and end up only playing him begrudgingly if I need an extra one drop to play on curve. I find totems(especially spell/taunt totems) more useful early game than any other hero power(mage is close). Obviously hunter/druid/mage are useful end game for extra burn, but I just am wondering if there is another card like a second azure or even a doomhammer that would better fill the spot. I like the 1/3 body for 1 mana as enemies don’t tend to eliminate it so it is a good target for flametongue, but I am still not sure. What does everyone think?

  2. The non doom hammer list is better for the most part because if it ever became common doom hammer would fall back into obscurity. Doom hammer is good if they don’t know you have it and good in tournaments.

  3. In the data reaper report, in the Miracle Rogue tidbit it says or implies that all/most aggro shamans don’t run doomhammer, but 3 of the 4 lists have double doomhammer. Any reason for this?

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