March 27, 2017

Mid-Range Shaman


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11 Comments on Mid-Range Shaman

  1. I’ve played midrange shaman the last week, and it has gotten me to rank 5 now, so I try for my first ever legend push. I’m having problems with secret hunters, even though they are listed as “strong against” above. I’ve played a lot of secret hunter as well, but can’t seem to understand how to beat them with midrange shaman. Any tips?

  2. How are lightning storm, fire elemental, and harrison jones in the current meta? Deciding if I should make a hybrid of hippi and loyan’s version.

    • Lightning storm is amazing against shaman while fire elemental is good against the increasing amounts of rogues (mostly in EU) and especially Control warrior. Harrison is a tech choice against a lot of aggro shamans or warriors which can be replaced with Al’Akir or something like Rag (I dunno).

  3. What do you think guys what will replace Tuskarr in Mid-range shaman? Is Al-Akir out now? Rockbitter still will se plays?

  4. Numbers will disagree with me, but I don’t feel that Chaman midrange’s matchup against Control warrior is as bad as you state. If you play it well, this matchup is pretty close, depending on your ability to force removals, manage ressources and play around Revenge. Eloise prooves it pretty well during the Start Democracy, defeating Chakki’s Control warrior. (sorry, english is not my native language)

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