March 27, 2017


Are you passionate about Hearthstone and the Hearthstone Community and want to help contribute to the growth and success of it? If so, you might be exactly the type we are looking for here at Vicious Syndicate. We are looking for people who are passionate about Hearthstone and want to provide fantastic content and opportunities to the Hearthstone Community.

Please review the current openings below, and if you are interested submit an application!

Volunteer (Unpaid) Positions

Class Expert for the Data Reaper Report – A class expert is someone who consistently reaches legend in Hearthstone, follows the competitive scene closely and the meta developments for a specific class. Duties include: producing a short write up on a weekly basis within a specified deadline. Current Openings: N/A, but we always accept applications for future openings for all classes.

Tournament Admins – A tournament admin is someone who assists with issues that arise in vS tournaments. Duties include: answering general tournament questions, fixing bracket issues, solving player disputes, and working with Strivewire staff to resolve any technical issues. Current Openings: Several positions for the 2017 HCT season.

Tournament Casters – A tournament caster is someone who has a booming voice and personality, and is able to shoutcast live tournament games. Casters should have strong Hearthstone game knowledge to cast high level competitive play. Duties include: casting during live vS tournaments, working well with others, adapting to mishaps outside of your control, maintaining working knowledge of the current meta, and maintaining working knowledge of popular decklists. Current Openings: Several positions for the 2017 HCT season.

Content Creators – A content creator is someone who has a creative mind and loves sharing their ideas with others. Duties include: creating videos, articles, or other information/entertainment-rich form of content for the Hearthstone Community. Content creators should be able to create content relevant to their skill level within the game. Current Openings: Several – We’re especially looking for a couple video editors/creators to put content onto YouTube.

Computer Engineer – A computer engineer is someone who has expertise in working with coding in a variety of languages and can help create and maintain our software infrastructure related to our Data Reaper Project.

Production/Multimedia Assistant – A production/multimedia assistant helps run Xsplit/OBS for vS tournaments and events. Duties include: preparing and running OBS/Xsplit for events and monitoring and changing scenes throughout broadcasts. P/M Assistants should have working knowledge of stream/Twitch productions and be familiar with using overlays. P/M Assistants should also be attentive to detail and able to stay until the end of broadcasts for which he/she is responsible for.

Graphic Designer – A graphic designer is an artist who loves to create and is constantly playing with new creations! We are looking for someone who would be comfortable making various types of graphics for the organization such as: stream overlays, banners/headers for social media accounts/website, and much more!

Social Media Administrator- A social media administrator is someone who is familiar with the Hearthstone social media scene and can help engage the community through social media activities and channels.

Other – If you have a desire to become a part of our organization and have a particular set of skills and talents that you think would be of use for our organization we would love to  hear from you. Let us know what you have in mind in your application below.

The Application Process

If you are interested in applying, please fill out the form below. We will review your application and respond back to you generally in 2-3 days, but may take longer depending on volume of applications.

The Application

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