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  1. I have a hard time believing these decks are better than Vex Crow variants with more 1-mana spells. They have more explosive early and mid game which helps against aggro more than Cinderstorm and Lifedrinker ever could. Also with Archmage Antonidas the spells can be converted to Fireballs to help with warlocks and druids. My point is Vex Crow and Tony are win conditions while Lifedrinker is not, it’s one of the weakest card in these builds.

    • Yes but the 1-mana spells are trash, you have to run four spells which are essentially useless and do nothing for your game plan – burn the opponents face. There’s also too many classes which can deal easily with wide boards. Antonidas is too slow and you often use all your cheap spells in the early game anyway.

      • I suspect these decks are better at legend where aggro is pushed out of the meta. While climbing to legend Baku and Spiteful decks are prevalent and they don’t have many board clears, so the meta is more hospitable to Vex Crow. Of course the big spell decks are even better for climbing. Mage has quite a few good options right now.

    • The problem with vex crow is that it doesn’t give you any guaranteed face damage and requires you to win through damage from board instead. This is not the goal of this deck. In most matches, you just want to burn your opponent to death. Most decks in this meta have a good way of gaining board control through AOE, big taunts or better flood than you have, but most decks can’t heal much while interacting with the board. Even warlock has to nut draw to outheal you.

      If you play vex crow without spells on turn 4 it’s rather mediocre, okay they must remove it but most of the time they will be able to and then it did litterally nothing. If on the other hand you invest your turn 6 or 7 in a big vex crow board without pushing face damage, you often just get wiped by hellfire, defile, consecration, equality, any mage big spell,… or can’t get through taunts anyway that late into the game. This means you traded 3 or 4 cards against 1 or 2 while achieving no face damage. Meanwhile, lifedrinker keeps on the pressure and makes your opponent choose between trying to heal, trying to develop into it or using removal on a shitty minion that already did his job. It is also always playable on its own and makes you win a face race against other aggro decks.

      Also, Tony is only good if you draw him in the late game with cheap spells to play which pretty much only happens if you have aluneth equipped and at that point you can just play your burn rather than a 7 mana minion. Meanwhile in the other games, tony is a dead card and your cheap spells are crappy because they don’t achieve much in terms of face damage and you want to save them for tony or to combo with vex crow which is not that strong anyway (see above). It’s better to just put a few very early game, very high tempo cards like manawyrm and kirin tor mage in and spend all the other slots on burn.

      Moral of the story: consistent burn is very difficult to counter, board flood is very easily countered.

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