March 27, 2017

Reno Mage


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9 Comments on Reno Mage

  1. Interested in trying Sidoh’s and Lifecoach’s decklist since I had a hybrid of both which wasn’t doing well. Rages Reno mage just seems like Lifecoach’s but on steroids.

  2. I am likely misunderstanding the radar but seems odd that: (a) both lists have Alex yet Alex does not appear in the radar) and (b) if size of circle and/or centrality are indicators of commonality then wouldn’t Reno by definition be large and in the middle of the plot?

    • The sample decks do not have anything to do with the data, they’re just two Reno Mage decks that some players have been successful with. The chart comes from the data that VS has gathered from Track-o-Bot. Apples and oranges.

      The chart represents cards played. So Reno is not in the center of the chart because VS is inferring that some decks are Reno Mage decks in games where Reno is not actually played. Sometimes you win or lose before you get to play Reno, but it’s still possible to guess by the other cards you played that you’re playing a Reno Mage.

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