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What is the vS Data Reaper?

The vS Data Reaper is the first project that analyzed the Hearthstone meta with statistical and analytical tools. The first Data Reaper Report was issued in May 2016. It all began in February 2016, when we began recruiting a large group of players in the vS community, most of whom are high-level players, and whose games we tracked via the Track-o-Bot program. We collect all in-game information in a central database that we have developed internally. Since then we have begun collecting data through Hearthstone Deck Tracker and Firestone.

The Data Reaper Report has been issued weekly since May 2016. We publish it every Thursday at noon ET.

The weekly article:

  1. Maps the Standard Meta game that our trackers encountered in the past week.
  2. Calculates the performances and matchups of various deck archetypes in the meta
  3. Provides news/commentary on the developments in the Meta for every particular class in the past week.
  4. Identifies a deck or two that we believe are capable of countering the decks that are most popular on ladder. We call them – Meta-Breakers.

Our goal is to complement the information that exists in the Hearthstone community in order to guide players about what is “out there” and to provide general insights about the decks that we have encountered. We have built a large database that is statistically viable, consisting of tens of thousands of games every week. We have also created an algorithm capable of identifying deck archetypes by examining cards that were played. This gives us the tools to provide a clear statistical picture of the frequency of classes and archetypes in any particular time frame.

If you’re interested in contributing more in our efforts, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to connect with you. Any help or feedback is appreciated and will be addressed with our best efforts to create compelling analysis to the community.

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