Founded in Fall of 2014, Vicious Syndicate has been a staple in the Hearthstone competitive community as event organizers of Tuesday Night Hype (TNH), a weekly Blizzard sanctioned Hearthstone Cup. Since then, it has moved to focus on data analysis.

Vicious Syndicate has pioneered rigorous data collection procedures and data analytics in Hearthstone. Our weekly Data Reaper Report was launched in May 2016, and has been published on a consistent basis since then. Our goal is to engage the community by collaborating on both collecting game data as well as analyzing it, producing high-quality rigorous articles. Our content is meant for increasing the community’s collective knowledge about Hearthstone.

Vicious Syndicate is unique in the Esports scene in its grassroots origin, its data analytics crowdsourcing initiative, and its focus on the experience and enjoyment of the gaming community.