Vicious Syndicate Partners with Firestone

We’re happy to announce that we’re now collaborating with Firestone, an application that acts as a real-time deck tracker, a replay platform as well as a collection manager. The developer of Firestone has generously offered to contribute fully anonymized data collected by the Firestone application in order to bolster our database and help keep our content going.

Furthermore, we’re exploring ways to expand this collaboration and work together in order to improve the services and the content offered by both Vicious Syndicate and Firestone.

The Data Reaper’s long-term goal is to provide high-quality data analysis that is thorough, ground-breaking and accessible to the community. A working relationship with Firestone has the potential to help us achieve these goals, as it offers another avenue of data collection as well as a platform we can build on.

Firestone has a very smooth and well-polished deck tracker that is fully functional and optimized. It allows you to review and share replays of your games with other players. It has a built-in achievement system and a collection manager that allows you to track your pack openings and see which cards you’re missing. Firestone is also working on the development of many other features related to statistics, deck building and customization, with the next major update coming for Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

Contributing data to Vicious Syndicate through Firestone requires no plugin or add-on. Simply using the application while you’re playing Hearthstone automatically logs your games in our database (of course, an option to opt-out of sharing your data will roll out soon).

Tomorrow’s report will already be based on some games that we’ve collected through the Firestone application. We encourage you to check out the Firestone homepage and provide feedback and support to the development of Firestone in its discord channel.


We’ll see you tomorrow,

The Vicious Syndicate Team


  1. We need a mobile tracker. I’m a legend player but I almost exclusively play on mobile. So I’ve installed the apps but unfortunately I’m not contributing much data.

  2. Any plans on supporting Mac users? I’d really like to share the data, but whatever you seem to put out for doing this, it’s Windows only 🙁

  3. Please, take into account that some of us use both HDT and Firestone, so you will log our games twice in your database

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