25 Most Frequently Played Hearthstone Cards

A look at the most frequently played cards from a sample of 19,500 games.

The 25 Most Frequently Played Cards Post-WotOG Expansion

It’s been a little over a month since the release of Standard format and the WoToG expansion. It is an opportune time to examine the most frequently played cards during this period. We gathered data from over 19,500 games, and produced four top 25 card lists. These lists will be helpful to both experienced players as well as to new players who are wondering which epic/legendary/WoToG cards they should be investing their dust into.

The lists are:

  1. The top 25 most frequently played cards overall.
  2. The top 25 most frequently played WoToG cards.
  3. The top 25 most frequently played legendaries.
  4. The top 25 most frequently played epics.

A couple of important notes:

  • The percentage reported is the frequency of a particular card being played as a fraction of all cards played in a sample of over 19,500 games.
  • This analysis gives us a sense of cards played, rather than cards used in decks. This produces a bias in favor of certain cards:
    1. Low-mana cost cards, since they get played more often than expensive, late game cards.
    2. Neutral cards over class cards, since they can be played by all classes.
    3. Non-legendary cards, since you can have two copies of them in each deck.

Table 1 – Overall Cards

Overall_Table Table 2 – Whispers of the Old Gods Cards


Table 3 – Legendary Cards


Table 4 – Epic Cards


We hope you find this data useful. As always, if you want to contribute to our efforts feel free to sign up and share your data with us with the link below.

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