Blitzcrank Interviews TNH #42 Winner, Inuchris

Comments from a Champion: Inuchris, Winner of TNH #42

Hello all, and welcome to the first “Comments from a Champion”! In this series I will be interviewing the winner of Tuesday Night Hype just to learn a bit more about their lineup and their thoughts on the tournament. Today I will be starting with Chris “Inuchris” Shawver, winner of Tuesday Night Hype #42 and member of team Magnos Esports. In fact, he was picked up shortly by Magnos Esports after his win in TNH #42!


BCBV2: Hello Chris, or as people may know you, Inuchris. You won TNH #42 and you got recently picked by Magnos Esports as a member of their Hearthstone team! How did you get into Hearthstone?

Inuchris: I actually got into it around April of last year, a few friends were playing it and it looked fun. I’ve been hooked ever since.

BCBV2: What pulled you into the more competitive aspect of Hearthstone?

Inuchris: Well I’ve been playing TCG’s competitively for around 13 years, so it really was a no brainer especially with the Esports boom and with the promising future that competitive hearthstone has.

BCBV2: Notwithstanding the fact that Blizzard is pushing for Hearthstone related esports activities, but let’s talk more about your TNH win! What lineup did you bring to the tournament and why did you choose it?

Inuchris: I brought Druid, Demon Handlock, and Secret Paladin. My goal was to have a strong line up vs the Warrior class and the Warrior ,Warlock, Druid line up in general. I actually didn’t lose a game to a warrior the whole tournament.

BCBV2: Did that warrior population include both patron and control warrior? And speaking of which, what is your opinion on the imminent removal of patron warrior as we know it?

Inuchris: Yeah there was some Control warrior and a little bit of Patron, but I was actually surprised there wasn’t more honestly. I’m not a huge fan of the nerf, I didn’t think it was necessary to completely remove Warsong from the game like they did. I still think more of a control style warrior deck with adding Patrons to it can be strong but the combo days are definitely gone.

BCBV2: Lastly, what are your thoughts on the overall structure of TNH and any sort of comments on the tournament?

Inuchris: The structure is really good honestly, it’s a great chance for up and coming players such as myself to get a chance to show themselves to the world. I would love if the group stage was best of fine over best of three but I understand why with the time factor. Other than that really enjoy playing in the tournaments and can’t wait to hear more about the big tournament for in winners and runner ups and consistent performers they are planning.

BCBV2: Thank you Chris, and good luck to your future tournaments!

If you want to find out more about Inuchris and keep in touch you can find him on Twitter @Mangos_Inuchris.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing more of Inuchris at upcoming TNH’s and you can sign up for it too at // Tuesday Night Hype is the weekly tournament series hosted by Vicious Syndicate Gaming and is the only weekly tournament authorized to give out Hearthstone World Championship points, however, since the period of time for acquiring Championship points has passed, during this off-season  TNH will be offering a cash prize towards winner of the tournament. Anyone can sign up for the tournament, as long as you get in on time, and who knows, perhaps you’ll be the next winner!