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  1. A decklist I hit legend with this season (played from rank 4 to legend from Feb 17 to feb 24 with a 74% winrate) is different than this one. I found snowflipper penguin really terrible against priest and warlock so I cut it. Crypt lord is also really terrible compared to tar creeper in a lot of matchups, simply because high health taunt with 1 attack is worse than high health taunt with 3 attack.

    Deck/Stats/Proof: https://imgur.com/a/lHcTe
    Deck Code: AAECAZICAtkHkbwCDrsD9wOoBeYF5QfBqwK2swLNuwKGwQKXwQKvwgLrwgLKwwKbzQIA

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