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  1. This list is not optimal. Tolvir should be swapped with Rising Winds. Accomplishes the same thing only it’s a twinspell and you can draw cards with it instead of playing a 2/3 turd. Also remove the Scaleriders for Bad Luck Albatross. Do these two things and you have more draw power, same early game 2 drops, (only more, with a better stat line) and better pulls off side quest. Scaleriders are bad pulls off side quests, especially when they are not Embiggened. Albatross is a much better pull and by removing the tolvir you also thin out the bad pulls off the side quest. I mean a 2/6 or 4/8 taunt isn’t bad and if played on curve from hand is less susceptible to backstab/seal fate but it’s just not optimal. Also changing these couple of things makes the deck stomp res priest which is this builds worst matchup. I never lose to a priest with my build. Other guy that commented, that’s a completely different deck entirely. I have it built too, but it’s not as good as what I play.

  2. remove leeroy ,frizz tolvirs and snip snapp for vargoth two witchwood grizzleys and another withcing hour which improves the matchup against aggro alot and vargoth is good value for longer matches againt priest.

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