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  1. Liam can be used in case the game drags out so much that you need the higher cost cards and the Stonehill Defenders are there to protect your Silver Hand recruits.

    • if the game drags out that much you already lost and the only useful card stonehills will flip is sunkeeper. good luck with that

      • Liam turns the early game board control into cards that make it so that you don’t have to lose if you get past turn ten and without taunts your minions can be easily value traded into with regular minions. Any taunt card is a useful card and although Liam doesn’t help you that much with the aggressive strategy of the deck, it only takes up one slot.

    • How can the card that gives you sunkeeper tarim (probably the highest winrate card when played on this deck) is garbage??
      Also, why wouldn’t you want to change 1-cost cards to random legendaries past turn 6??
      I don’t know you but i’m not happy to topdeck an argent squire on turn 10.

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