Interview with TNH #65 Winner – Gallon213!


Today we speak with Gallon213, the champion of Tuesday Night Hype #65! With a lineup of Aggro Shaman, Aggro Druid, Zoo Warlock, and Secret Paladin, Gallon managed to secure the first place in a 3-1 win over his opponent!

The Interview:

BCBV2: Hello Gallon213, you are the winner of TNH #65 after beating your opponent Gayevin! Can you give our readers a bit of background on you and your Hearthstone career?

Gallon: Well, for background, I have hit legend a couple times and thought qualifying for Spring preliminaries would be cool. I don’t really have any hearthstone career outside of NA ladder, but this is the third tournament I’ve entered.

BCBV2: Well you came to the right place! TNH is one of the weekly open tournaments that offer HCT points! What were the decks you brought and why did you bring them?

Gallon: Well in the first two tournaments I just messed around with my own lineup of like Renolock, Freeze Mage, Patron, and Secret Paladin but it wasn’t doing so hot. So I just decided to not lose to druid anymore and play aggro decks to beat druid. So I brought Aggro Shaman, Secret Paladin, Aggro Druid, and Zoolock, all decks that counter Druid, especially Midrange Druid.

BCBV2: This seems to be a consistent theme amongst Hearthstone players, just this hatred of druid. Why do you not like druid and why did you target it?

Gallon: It wasn’t so much that I hate Druid, it’s more that playing a list that loses to Druid means you can’t use your bans effectively. Conquest definitely becomes a kind of rock paper scissors game where if you get a very aggressive list like mine targeted to beat druid, then super control oriented lists arise that crush my lists like Control Priest, Freeze Mage, Control Warrior, and then those lists end up losing to druid as well, and the circle continues.

BCBV2:  That’s the definition of an evolving meta! And speaking of the meta, what are your thoughts of having to wait two months in order for Standard to be introduced and the new expansion to be released?

Gallon: Contrary to the most popular opinions, I don’t really mind the wait. The meta really isn’t that degenerate barring a couple cards. Of course, I’m really excited to play with the new set but at the same time I really enjoy the current state of the game.

BCBV2: Well, we’re looking forward to seeing what Blizzard has in store for us! Are you planning to enter the next TNH?

Gallon: If I have the time!  College is my number one priority but hopefully I’ll make it! It was definitely a great experience, and one I plan to do again.

BCBV2: Interesting! And I definitely agree, as much fun Hearthstone is, real life should be the #1 priority! What major are you focusing on?

Gallon: I am currently studying Materials Sciences and Engineering, but I might switch to Chemical Engineering. Who knows?

BCBV2: Well your future is always uncertain, but yours holds a lot of promise, both in real life, and in your Hearthstone career! Lastly, is there anybody you would like to give a shout out to?

Gallon: Yes! I want to give shout outs to Cydonia for being a godly Shaman and all the help he gave, shout out to Hotmeowth for the late night streams and losing to Gayevin, and lastly shout outs to Chakki for a broken deck lineup!

BCBV2: Before we go, do you have a twitter where people can follow you?

Gallon: Not yet, but I’ll probably be making one, follow me at ! When I actually go ahead and make the twitter that is.

BCBV2: Well thank you for the interview today Gallon!

Gallon: Thanks for having me! Got to get back to studying math, but it was a pleasure being here!


Tuesday Night Hype is a weekly tournament hosted by Vicious Syndicate Gaming that not only awards HCT points, but also offers cash prizes! The tournament is free to join and free to play in, and you can always follow for more updates about TNH and all things Hearthstone!