vS Gold

Our vS Gold membership allows you to support us while also enjoying some additional benefits including a completely ad-free viewing experience on our website! Advertisements are our main source of revenue to pay for our expenses which allows us to provide all of our content to the community completely free! This membership allows us to forego those advertisements so you can browse the website without any distractions, and also get some additional bells and whistles added to our free content!

On the fence? Dont fret! Sign up and receive a FREE 14 day trial! Enjoy two weeks on us! No commitments, cancel anytime!


  • Support our organization
  • Ad-Free Viewing experience throughout the website
  • vS Gold Live App (bonus features on our Live App)
  • Access to supporters-only Discord channels, where you can find data-related scoops throughout the week!

More about vS Gold Live App:

  • Class Frequency
    • Additional filtering options (Last 6 hrs, Last 12 hours, Last 3 days, and Last Week)
    • More visualizations: Line & Pie charts

  • Matchups
    • Additional filtering options (Last 3 days, Last Week, Ranks L-5, and Ranks 6-15)
    • Additional sorting options (By Class, and By Frequency)
    • Export data as .csv

  • Tier List
    • Deck recommendations by rank