Recap – Tuesday Night Hype #56

I am HalfBroke Chris and I am bringing you this week’s Tuesday Night Hype recap. This week brought another Tuesday Night Hype tournament and this week’s was one of the best. It brought another round of 256 players into the group stages hoping to get a shot at this week’s title. This week’s tournament brought the likes of pro players such as Team Archon’s Orange, Chakki, Kabi, Powder and even Vicious Syndicate’s own TNH caster Bloody in this week’s player pool. After the many rounds of tough play, the final four was down to players TheKamsh, Wot, Dota2Better and Bloody.

Bloody brought Aggro Shaman, Aggro Druid, and Secret Paladin to the table and Kamsh played with Secret Paladin, mid-range Druid and Control Warrior. Kamsh ends up going 2-0 to start the matches and it leads to a crucial Game three for Bloody. He brings his Aggro Shaman deck to the table one more time to try and get the win against Kamsh and his mid-range Druid deck. Bloody had the board very early with two Totem Golems on the board by turn 3. Kamsh didn’t have an early answer and could only get a Shade of Naxxramas on the board. Bloody changes his hero ability to Steady Shot via Sir Finley Mrrrglton. Kamsh was able to clear the board for a turn 5 Ancient of War that was dropped as a 5/10 with taunt. In the end though, it was truly too little too late for Kamsh in this game, Bloody ends up putting a Rockbiter Weapon on a Doomhammer to close out the game. In the end though, Kamsh’s lead was just too much to overcome in the match and Bloody went down to Kamsh 3-1 in the match, with Kamsh finishing it off with his mid-range druid deck in Game four.

The next final four match was between Dota2Better and WoT. Wot ended up playing with Renolock, Patron Warrior, and Secret Paladin while Dota brought Patron Warrior, Combo Druid and Freeze Mage. The first game was a RenoLock versus Patron Warrior matchup. This match, as could be expected, was a very long match that tested the wills of both players. Wot played very aggressive through the early part of the game passing up minions and going face, which was a surprising move but ended up paying off as he took Game one.

Game 2 was a Patron Mirror match that had DoT top decking for answers midway through the match but sitting on 29 life with 2 armor while Dota was at 12 life. The game is finished by Wot in the late game with a top decked Grommish Hellscream, which he activates with a Whirlwind, and an on board Piloted Shredder.

Game three was pretty dominate by Wot with a Secret Paladin deck against Dota’s Freeze Mage. Wot had a 6/6 Secret Keeper on the board and plays a Haunted Creeper. Dota ends up having to play two cards, Frostbolt and Ice Lance, just to get it off the table. Wot plays a turn 5 with coin Mysterious Challenger and loads up three secrets on his Paladin. It ended up being just too much for Dota to handle and he drops the game and the match as WoT gets the clean 3-0 sweep.

Kamsh and WoT heads into the final match with Wot bringing Patron Warrior, RenoLock, and Secret Paladin to the match and Kamsh playing mid-range Druid, Control Warrior, and Secret Paladin. These matches between them went back and forth in a very impressive fashion. KAmsh gets a turn 3 Dr. Boom out to help him win game one against Wot’s Patron Warrior. Game two had Wot bringing Renolock in to try and tie up the match against Kamsh’s Control Warrior deck. The game is very instense and goes into the late turns with both players running out of cards to the point of Kamsh having to hold Harrison Jones out of fear of taking too much deck fatigue. In a game that could have went either way, WoT ends up winning with a Doomguard and an Infernal to the face and the match is all tied up 1-1.

Game three was easily won by WoT on turn seven with his Secret Paladin deck against Kamsh’s Control Warrior. The same can be said for Kamsh in Game four when his Control Warrior overtakes WoT’s Patron Warrior via a Big Game Hunter and a Dr. Boom for the win in the end. The match is tied 2-2.

The match heads into an exciting game five that brought us WoT playing Patron Warrior against Kamsh’s Secret Paladin. The match ended up slipping away from Kamsh fairly quickly. Kamsh looked like he might make a comeback on turn 8 when we gave a Mysterious Challenger Taunt and Divine Shield via a Coghammer but it wasn’t meant to be. WoT top decks an Execute to deal with it next turn and Kamsh concedes when WoT creates six Grim Patrons on turn 9.

Tuesday Night Hype is organized by Vicious Syndicate and is one of the longest running weekly open Hearthstone tournaments in the competitive scene. May pro players get there start there and even come play within it to try and gain Championship Point, as recent as December when 2015 World Champion Ostkaka participated in the tournament. Over 500 players try and get into the tournament each week and the tournament has become a weekly staple within the Hearthstone Tournament competitive scene.

Check out a highlight of the tournament below.