Recap – Tuesday Night Hype #57

I am HalfBroke Chris and I welcome you to this week’s recap of Tuesday Night Hype. Tuesday Night Hype #57 brought another round of 256 players into the group stages hoping to get a shot at this week’s title. After the many rounds of tough play, the final four was down to Brady, Funkymath, Samwise, and SK Gaming’s Powder.

The first match of the semi-finals pitted Brady against Samwise. Samwise had Mid-Range Hunter, Secret Paladin, and Tempo Mage in his arsenal. Brady loaded his gun with Patron Warrior, Aggro Shaman, and Freeze Mage. In the first game, Sam played his Hunter deck against Brady’s Patron Warrior. The game was very close early on as both players seemed to have an answer for everything the other put on the table. Brady loaded up the board with some Grim Patrons to try and sway the game his way. Samwise did his best to try and catch up with a well-played Unleash the Hounds. But in the end, it was a Dr. Boom played by Brady that helped him close out the first game.

In game 2 Samwise decided to pit Secret Paladin against Brady’s Aggro Shaman. Early on it looked like it was a good choice because it seemed as though he was going to take over the game and get the win. The problem came in the middle of the game when Brady top decked a Feral Spirit to keep the face damage at bay for another turn. By the end of the game, Samwise had loaded up the board but Brady just had too many answers as he swings a Rockbitten Doomhammer to Samwise’s face to go up 2-0 in the match.

In games 3 and 4 we had Brady try to finish off the match against Samwise’s Secret Paladin and Mid-Range Hunter decks. Both games were dominated by Samwise as he was able to outrace Brady. He tied up the match and forced a game 5.

In game 5, it was a battle of the mages as Brady tried one more time to get a win with his Freeze Mage against Samwise’s Tempo Mage. Samwise seemed to have all the answers and took Brady down to 9 life very quickly. Brady tried to keep the damage at bay by putting an Ice Block on the table as he froze Samwise’s minions. Samwise tried his best to pop the Ice Block out, but couldn’t deal enough damage on the following turn. Brady brought out Alexstraza and started the beginning of the end of the series. Samwise did his best to find answers to keep the game going, but Brady sent a Pyroblast to the face to win the game and the match.

Players Funkymath and Powder faced off in the other semi-final match. Funkymath decided to play with Dragon Priest, Warlock and Secret Paladin. On the other side, Powder brought Renolock, Aggro Shaman, and Secret Paladin. The first game was played very cautiously but ultimately went in favor of Funkymath in a dominating fashion mid-game. However, the second game was dominated by Powder and his Aggro Shaman deck to even the match up to 1-1.

Game three was where the match really started heating up. It pitted Powder and his Renolock deck against Funkymath’s Secret Paladin. The game was very back and forth early on as both players tried to gain control of the board. Powder bluffed Funkymath for quite a while with a Voidcaller. He let the Voidcaller just sit on the table allowing Funkymath to believe he was holding a Demon in his hand. However, the games were over once Powder drew Reno Jackson on the same turn he played Dr. Boom. Funkymath slapped Tirion Fordring down on the table to try get the momentum back from the Boom play. The real problem for Funkymath came next turn as Powder dropped a 3 mana cost Molten Giant and let Reno Jackson fly in to heal him back to full health. In the end, Powder’s board was just too much for Funkymath to keep up with, bringing the match to 2-1.

The final game brought a Secret Paladin mirror match. The game momentum was swayed into Powder’s favor early on as he played a turn four Knife Juggler with a coin Muster for Battle to clear Funkymath’s board. Funkymath did his best to catch up by playing a turn 6 Mysterious Challenger, but it was too little too late. Powder took the game and the match 3-1 to reserve his spot in the finals.


The final match was a stunning series of games between Powder against Brady. Game one was dominated by Brady and his Aggro Shaman. Powder’s Freeze Mage could not keep up as Brady’s minions took him to a quick win. The second game was again dominated by Brady and his Patron Warrior deck early on. Near the end of the game, it seemed that Brady had lethal on the next turn. Actually, he most definitely had lethal. However, a poorly timed disconnect kept Brady from taking the game from Powder. Luckily, Brady was able to get back into the game a turn later, where he still had lethal. This earned him a 2-1 lead over Powder.

Game three pitted Brady’s Zoolock against Powder’s mid-range Druid deck. In the after game interview, Brady said that the Zoolock deck was one he had been playing a lot lately. It clearly showed in game as he dominated Powder’s Druid deck from the start. Even though the Warlock is typically favored in this matchup, it still takes a very skilled player to be able to win with such dominance. Every turn it seemed like Brady was filling up the board with more and more minions. Powder had no answer to the speed and damage the deck brought and he conceded on turn 6 to give Brady his first Tuesday Night Hype win.







Congratulations Brady!!!


Tuesday Night Hype is organized by Vicious Syndicate and is one of the longest running weekly open Hearthstone tournaments in the competitive scene. Countless pro players and amateurs alike participate side by side in ruthlessly fought battles of Cardstone! Some of these pros include Archon Orange, Bloodyface, and even World Champion Ostkaka. Be sure to sign up for Tuesday Night Hype on Strivewire and check out our streamed matches on Twitch!

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