Speaking With a Tavern Hero – Blitzcrank Interviews Cheesee10


Arena3   With the new structure of the Hearthstone World Championship, there has also been a new way for participants to circumvent the points requirement to reach the Winter Preliminaries. Last year that way was being the Fireside Regional Champion by winning a local fireside and defeating all the other fireside winners, this year, it is winning your local Tavern Hero Brawl. Tavern Hero Brawls are LAN tournaments at selected venues with the winner guaranteed a spot at the Winter Preliminaries. The Tavern Hero Brawl at Esports Arena in Santa Ana held quite a few prominent names, but the winner was a dark horse known as Cheesee10, who happens to be one of our very own admins for TNH! He declined to give a victory speech but he did agree to talk with me about his Hearthstone career.

The Interview:

BCBV2: Greetings Cheesee, winner of the Esports Arena Tavern Hero Brawl! Being the champion has netted you a spot in the Winter Preliminaries, but before we head to that, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Cheesee: I am a 16 year old who is a sophomore in high school. I live down in Orange County, and in addition to Hearthstone I also play soccer for my school. My first foray into card games was playing Yugioh on a casual level with my brother, and collecting Pokémon cards (never knew how to actually play that tcg though).

BCBV2: Is this your first major Hearthstone victory? I know you play in High School Starleague (and I’m quite sure I casted some of your matches), but tell us a bit more about your Hearthstone career!

Cheesee: In terms of open tournaments, this is my third victory so far. In fact, the last tournament I played before the Esports Arena Tavern Hero, I actually ended up going all the way and winning it. I’ve been playing Hearthstone since January 2014, so over 2 years now, and I started playing in tournaments in September of that year, back when hearthstoneopen was one of the major tournament sites, and Strivewire didn’t exist. In the High School Starleague in particular, I have secured

a spot in the top 64 already, thanks to a strong performance in their winter season, so hopefully I will be able to win that as well and secure some nice scholarship money.

BCBV2: Very nice! What college and major do you plan on doing in the future?

Cheese: I haven’t thought too hard about college yet, but I’ve always wanted to go to Stanford. For my major, I’m currently thinking of either going with business, or going through a law school route.

BCBV2: The future is filled with infinite possibilities! Have you given thought to joining a Hearthstone team?

Cheesee: I mean, if the right team asked me, I might consider it, but for right now, I am too busy with school and soccer to actively look for a team. I am pretty content with where I am at now in hearthstone, but if the right opportunity comes along, you n

ever know!


BCBV2: What would you do if you became Blizzcon champion? It is a very real possibility you know!

Cheesee: If I became Blizzcon champion, I’d probably start dedicating more time to streaming and playing Hearthstone, but normal life would be mostly the same. Not looking to do anything crazy like dropping out of school or anything of that sort.

BCBV2: Well I’ll be rooting for you to go all the way, good luck!


Cheesee’s biggest worry about the upcoming Blizzcon Hearthstone Championship is whether he surpasses the age limit to qualify for prizing! We’re also hoping for the rest of our family to make it to Blizzcon, and in fact, Cora, known as Songbird, will be one of the casters for the Winter Preliminaries! Of course, we at vS will be supporting and cheering on Cheesee as he makes his way up the Blizzcon ladder and hopefully to being Blizzcon Champion!