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Data Reaper Report - Rogue

Tentacle Grip

A baseline 3-damage for 2 mana spell that can go face is reasonable, with a bonus Chaotic Tendril if you combo it. This is a solid card for any Rogue deck that is looking for some off-board damage and removal. But it also lays a foundation for the Rogue class to potentially build a deck slightly around scaling Tendrils. Considering the availability of Shadowstep, it’s possible that Miracle Rogue will consider this path to improve its late game.

Score: 3

Tiny Worldbreaker

This card is a bit different from other Mech Rogue cards because it offers off-board damage to a deck that’s otherwise extremely dependent on minion pressure to deal damage. However, the condition maintains Mech Rogue’s status as a very board-reliant deck. If the Mech Rogue loses the board, Worldbreaker doesn’t do anything. You could play it alongside a Sparkbot on turn 5, but that’s a bit of a waste.

Worldbreaker is simply another payoff if Rogue manages to stay on board. It offers both removal and face damage, while working very well with discounts, such as Oscillator and Bone Spike. Considering that Mech Rogue does have some slots it can potentially upgrade, this 4-drop is likely to get its chance over Scourge Illusionist.

Score: 3

Assembly Line

Mech Rogue gains access to mechs from other classes. The discover pool here is of a high quality, with most of the mechs in the format synergizing well with Mech Rogue’s game plan. The number of cheap options is also high, so while it isn’t ideal to play Assembly Line on turn 1, it’s at least likely to find you a play on turn 2 or 3. It’s a decent filler spell if you have mana left over. Note that some of the mechs in other classes offer you unique synergies and comeback mechanics that Mech Rogue doesn’t normally have, so while Assembly Line seems a bit bland at first glance, it might help diversify Mech Rogue’s lines of play to some extent.

Score: 3

Final Thoughts: Mech Rogue got some decent cards to try in its most questionable slots. A Miracle Tentacle Rogue looks very exciting based on the neutral set. The class might be able to leverage Yogg-Saron more effectively than any other.

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  1. On the Mindbender on a outcast DH with a glaivetar can do a lot of dmg and inst to hard to buff the glaivetar and set up a turn lethal since sigil draw 4 cards.
    On Mage, im using Tainted and Meddlesome(since few draw spells) on elemental mage and yap is agro.
    On Rogue i just played on Tendrils since looks like the most fun and random noosenses.
    On Warlock Encroaching Insanity was great on fatigue imp ,really fun doing 7-8 dmg with crescendo,the only problem is if you dont win at turn 7-8 you will die because the amount of self fatigue you did to yourself and Harp cant save you.
    And yap Yogg is good for remove and more random tendrils

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