World Record Set for Longest Hearthstone Turn – nearly 2 days!

Think you’re going against the slowest Hearthstone player and are about to pull your hair out?

However bad you think it is, it can’t hold a candle to this guy.

French Player mamytwink put the whole ordeal on his Twitch stream with a single turn that, when finished, lasted one day, 21 hours and 18 minutes.

Of course, this setup didn’t happen naturally in the course of a regular game – it was carefully orchestrated by mamytwink with two duplicate accounts and exploited cards such as Mind Vision, Lorewalker Cho, and Faceless Manipulator to set up a mage with a board full of Prophet Velens, boosted with “Velen’s Chosen” (apparently, Velen chose himself… repeatedly) to health in the triple digits.

Set up the priest with a stolen ice block, drop a hand full of “Arcane Missles,” and the result is an animation of more than 240,000 missles… shot slowly… one. at. a. time.

Watch it, if you dare… Once it really gets going, it’s vaguely hypnotic.