A Song of Fiery War Axe & Ice Breaker #16


“Mike, we need to talk!”

Anduin knocked on the door and without waiting for a response, entered an office room. Mike Donais was sitting at his desk, focused on typing in front of his computer. For a few seconds, his attention was interrupted as he glanced at Anduin before fixating back on the screen in front of him.

“Good morning, Anduin” he said quietly while continuing to type “I’m a bit busy right now”.

“What are you doing?” the Priest sat down in front of the desk, opposite of Donais, making himself comfortable.

“I’m preparing a ‘What’s in the works’ blog in which we talk about all the features we’re not going to add to the game”

“Oh?” Anduin raised his brow in curiosity.

“Yes, I’m really excited about telling the community how there won’t be any balance changes, how we’re canceling tournament mode, but we’re adding new classic cards that are all random fillers”

As Donais finished his sentence, he started laughing, holding his stomach.

“Speaking of balance, have you read the latest Data Reaper Report?” Anduin asked.

Donais’ laughter quickly stopped as he turned his attention back to his work while staying quiet, before the Priest continued.

“It turns out that the Resurrect Priest deck you told me hit #1 legend is actually not very good at all! They say it’s Tier 4, and might be Tier 3 at best!”

He sighed before continuing.

“I crafted Zerek’s Cloning Gallery because of you hyping it up and talking about how Priest is back and viable!”

Donais calmly looked at Anduin, smiling.

“Oh, Anduin… Forget about the vS report. The deck is much more powerful than they present it to be.”

“How so? It has a 45% or 46% win rate!”

“Yes, but the deck is super hard to play and very skill intensive. Only the very best players in the world, and ones who are as handsome as Asmodai, are capable of playing it optimally. Have you seen how good looking Asmodai is? It’s like Patron Warrior!”

Donais leaned back in his executive chair, developing a wide grin on his face.

“Since I know that you’re very good at the game, and also very handsome, I thought it would be no problem for you to master the deck. You have been winning with it, right? After all… you are skillful and good looking… right?”

“Uh…” Anduin looked down and scratched his head “Well… of course I’ve been winning with it. I just thought it may have been my own anecdotal experience and I was getting lucky. That’s all! Heh heh”

The Priest giggled nervously.

‘I’m still stuck at rank 5’ Anduin reminded himself in his thoughts.

“Well that’s great to hear! I expected nothing less from you!” Donais nodded in approval “I’m just very happy that Priest has been discovered to be an actually powerful and competitive class. As long as you are an amazing player, who’s smart, successful, good looking and very really popular with the ladies, you can beat anyone with Resurrect Priest!”

“Yes! I can beat anyone!” Anduin declared.

“Now go get them, tiger!” Donais stood up while reaching out his right fist towards Anduin, asking for a fist bump.

“Yes, sir!” Anduin jumped from his seat, and connected the bro fist bump in response.

As the Priest exited the room with his head held high, Donais sat down and leaned back in his comfortable leather chair, taking in a deep breath before finally cracking up in a loud, heartfelt laughter.

“The Patron Warrior argument works every time!”

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