A Song of Fiery War Axe & Ice Breaker #17


“Welcome to the Boomsday Heroic Tavern Brawl! I’m Harth Stonebrew and I will be your host for this tournament!”

At the Innkeeper Tavern, all 9 Hearthstone heroes were present, sitting on wooden chairs next to the wall, glancing at the enthusiastic and iconic red headed dwarf who was standing in front of them.

“As you all know, the winner of this tournament gets free drinks in the tavern for the entirety of October as well as the obvious bragging rights!”

The heroes were carefully listening, some of them pondering over the potential reward that awaited them upon victory. For them, this was the biggest tournament of the month, and a testament to their Hearthstone skills.

“Without any further delay, we will begin with the first match of the Swiss round. In true Hearthstone fashion, the draw is entirely random! Hah!” Harth paused for a moment, taking out a small piece of paper from his pocket, before reading it out loud.

“It will be…”




Both heroes stood up in tandem and walked towards the center of the room in determination. They reached the Innkeeper and turned to face each other.

“My Greetings” Malfurion was the first to speak.

“Heh. Greetings” the Orc spat back sarcastically.

“You have 30 seconds to choose your deck.”

The Innkeeper glanced at both competitors as tension filled the room. All the other heroes looked at the two in anticipation and bated breath, not making a single sound. Harth Stonebrew looked at his watch and made a sharp gesture with his hand.


Both heroes immediately relaxed their postures and sank into deep thought, glaring at each other with intensity, trying to glean any information from their opponent as if they were piercing into each other’s souls.

‘He will look to hard counter me with the most obvious and safest strategy available’ Garrosh thought to himself. ’I can take it to the next level by picking a strategy he will not anticipate. But then he could be following my own thought pattern and alter his strategy in anticipation of my own adjustment.’

Garrosh scratched his head, closing his eyes and mulling through his options. He took a small peek to his right where Thrall was seated, and his Orc companion nodded in response, silently urging his companion to pull through. Garrosh looked back at Malfurion, breaking a confident smile.

‘I need to trust my instincts as a Warchief. My tactical fortitude is vastly superior to what some tree hugging hippy can muster’

“Time is… UP!” the Innkeeper declared, waving his hands in the air dramatically, and the two heroes standing in front of each other tensed up.

“And now, the ultimate test of your Hearthstone skills is upon us. Are you ready?”

Both heroes nodded. The tension was palpable, as the other heroes in the room held their breath.


Garrosh and Malfurion leaned forward, ready to attack.


The Warrior and the Druid threw their arms forward, followed by audible gasps in the room. Garrosh’s palm was clenched shut, signaling a rock. He looked at the Druid’s hand. Its fingers were spread wide open, signaling paper, and the orc’s defeat.

“DAMN IT!” Garrosh shouted in frustration, kicking the floor.

“Hmm…. Well Played!” Malfurion grinned in satisfaction.

“For God’s sake, Garrosh” Thrall cried out, irritated “You always pick rock!”

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