Day 1 Results – ESL Legendary Series Season 2

demi_groupDay 1 started off with Demigod vs. Trump. As the unknown player, Demigod quickly demonstrated his skill and commitment to the game by taking a 2:0 lead against Trump. Trump was able to get in a win before Demigod won the series at 3:1. Next, Demigod vs. Koyuki where he took another 2:0 lead, with a little help from Koyuki by missing lethal. Demigod ended up finishing the series at 3:1 (The above bracket from ESL is incorrect). Dominating both of his opponents, Demigod was the first player to advance into the Top 8 Finals, securing himself $1000 and 10 Blizzcon points!


We are moving into the start of Day 2, where we have wwlos in Group C. The second series of the day will be wwlos vs. Ostkaka. Will wwlos be able to 2-0 his series and join his team mate in the Top 8? In order to do so, he will have to take out Ostkaka, and then the winner of Roger vs. Reynad, or fight his way through the loser’s bracket.

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