Day 2 Results – ESL Legendary Series Season 2

Day 2 of the ESL Legendary Series LAN was definitely a roller coaster of emotions for Vicious Syndicate. We started off the day on a high note, with wwlos taking his first series against Ostkaka 3:1. In his second series against Roger, he took a 1:3 loss. With a loss against Roger after winning his first match, he ended up facing Reynad where the two would fight it out for their spot in the Top 8. Unfortunately for wwlos, Reynad’s signature “bad RNG” that he is known for being salty about ran out, and the stars aligned perfectly for Reynad giving him a Mage and Hunter victory almost uncontested. Although everything did not work out for wwlos, he is in high spirits and happy with his choices and plays throughout the tournament, and is looking forward to the future for additional opportunities to prove his worth and demonstrate his skill and perseverance.


Moving into Day 3, the Top 8, we cheer on Demigod who will be facing Domdus. If he pulls through his first match he will be facing the winner of Roger vs. Phonetap. And if he makes it to the finals, he will be playing 1 of 4 players who have already made a name for themselves – Trump, Kitkatz, Reynad, and Lifecoach. All of these players are worthy opponents and Demigod has his work cut out for him. Either way, regardless of the results, we are all proud of Demigod here at Vicious Syndicate and we know there is much more to come from Demigod!

We will be cheering him on and keeping everyone updated (if you are unable to watch live on Twitch) @ViciousHS.

You can watch live on Twitch at

Make sure to cheer Demigod on by tweeting @Demigod_HS to show your support!