Game Duration and Top Cards Played During WoToG

An analysis of Most Frequently Played Cards and Game Durations During the WotOG Meta.

One Night in Karazhan is just around the corner, and we’ve decided it’s a good time to look back and examine statistics we’ve presented before regarding the metagame post-WoToG. One is the game duration of common archetypes; the other is the most frequently cards played. During May, June and July, we’ve gathered data from over 500,000 games. These statistics will be helpful to both experienced players as well as to new players who are wondering which cards they should be investing their dust into, and which archetypes are faster or slower to play.

The statistics we present are the following:

  1. Average game duration of common archetypes.
  2. Average game duration of common archetypes during wins and losses.
  3. The top 25 most frequently played cards sorted by:
    1. Overall
    2. WoToG cards
    3. Rarity (legendaries to basics)
  4. The top 25 most frequently played cards by each class

Average Game Durations (By Minutes or Turns)

A few notes on the data:

  • The global average game duration for the WoToG era is 7 minutes and 31 seconds, compared to 6 minutes and 50 seconds in the LOE era. This reppresent an increase of 10% in the average game duration. The game has slowed down (after all).
  • The number of turns has also increased from 9.02 to 9.75, an increase of about 8%.
  • We looked into whether there were changes in the average game duration during each one of the three months. The average game duration remained mostly stable and we have not identified a trend in the game’s pace increasing or decreasing in a significant way since Standard format came out.

Average Wins/Losses Durations (By Seconds or Turns)

This chart can be helpful in determining to what extent does prolonging a game impact an archetype’s performance. Obviously, control decks will generally benefit from longer matches while aggro decks will favor closing the game as early as possible.

Top Cards Most Frequently Played in the WoToG Era

Top Cards Most Frequently Played by Each Class

A couple of important notes on the cards played data:

  • The percentage reported is the frequency of a particular card being played as a fraction of all cards played in our sample of games.
  • This analysis gives us a sense of cards played, rather than cards used in decks. This produces a bias in favor of certain cards:
    1. Low-mana cost cards, since they get played more often than expensive, late game cards.
    2. Neutral cards over class cards, since they can be played by all classes. This pertains to general tables (not to the tables that report each class separately).
    3. Non-legendary cards, since you can have two copies of them in each deck.


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