Important Data Reaper Update: Plugin is ready to download!

As we’ve said in our theorycrafting piece, our data collection through a Hearthstone Deck Tracker plugin was broken due to the revamped Ranked Mode.

Currently, we’re not receiving games from our data contributors. This data contribution from you, members of the community, allows the production of the Data Reaper Reports. Without it, we cannot produce future reports.

We’ve now released a new plugin, compatible with the revamped ranked mode, just in time for the launch of Ashes of Outland. We ask you to help us quickly recover and re-establish our database. Anyone who plays Hearthstone on the PC can use Hearthstone Deck Tracker and install the DataReaper plugin.

The installation process is extremely easy and takes just a couple of minutes of your time.

CLICK HERE to install the plugin with just a few simple steps.

Thank you for your time and support. We hope to see you again soon in the next Data Reaper Report. Its publication date is entirely dependent on the response to this message. We’ll keep you updated.

Have fun playing Ashes of Outland!

The Vicious Syndicate Team.