Kobolds & Catacombs Pre-Release Poll




Kobolds & Catacombs is only days away and we have now seen every single card that will be released with the launch of the expansion. As always, a new set of cards is sure to completely change the metagame picture.

What are the most powerful cards of the set? Which classes will rise and fall as a result? How will the new mechanics introduced stack up? Which new archetypes will emerge? 

Give your opinion in our pre-expansion poll for STANDARD LADDER.

5: Meta defining (Dominant, build around card, or a card that will be a staple across various decks)
4: Very strong (Strong card that will definitely see play)
3: Decent (Has potential to see play, solid)
2: Weak (Situational, niche, doubtful playability)
1: Terrible (Unplayable, will not see the light of day)

You don’t have to rate all the cards as all the questions are randomized, but feel free to do so anyway.


While we do these polls mostly for fun, it gives us the opportunity to look at how the community evaluates cards and identify factors that cause them to be overrated or underrated. As long as interest continues, we will do them for each upcoming expansion. Over time, this will give us a good frame of reference and allow for an intriguing look into the past and how cards were evaluated at the time of their release.

Knights of the Frozen Throne Pre-Release Poll

Before the launch of Knight of the Frozen Throne, the community passed over 3,500 votes on the then unreleased cards. Wonder how did the community rate Prince Keleseth? Find out on this google sheet or on the form results page.


Thank you for participating!

The Vicious Syndicate Team



  1. “Wonder how did the community rate Prince Keleseth?”
    To be fair, Keleseth did suck before the nerf wave hit. It was just played in zoo which wasn’t a good deck at that time, so the community wasn’t utterly wrong.

    • That’s just incorrect. That’d be like saying “N’Zoth doesn’t see play right now, so it’s clearly a bad card.” There are any number of cards that don’t see much play right now (such as many Shaman and Warrior cards) but are still objectively powerful.

  2. Wish I could see the results next to the card pictures, the names don’t mean much to me at this point. Maybe my memory sucks.

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