Oil Rogue Deck Analysis!

Well Met! This is AmplexFatum and I want to share with all of you the updated version of my Miracle Rogue deck after tons of tweaking and polishing. This deck has gone through several iterations since my original post sometime ago. With the recent nerf to Undertaker and the meta shifting towards slower, Midrange and Control decks, this Rogue deck is able to capitalize on that with its tempo and efficient removals. A great reason to play and try this deck is that every once in a while, you will chain draw off of Auctioneer that will give you the same satisfaction as the good ol’ Miracle days. On a serious note, this deck is a soft counter against Aggro decks, has the ability to out-tempo other Midrange decks and has the burst and damage to face Control. Personally, I think the deck is incredibly versatile against the current meta and is a great choice if you’re looking for a good Rogue deck. Similar to the original post, this is an update of a Rogue deck that is trying to capitalize on this card: Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil. This is because I love the card as it it provides insane burst potential with Blade Flurry to control the board and seal off games that may seem out of reach. Without further ado, I am happy to present Miracle Oil Rogue!

Spells (17)

2x Backstab

  • Best combo activator and tempo removal.

2x PreparationMiracle Rogue.

  • Best used with Violet Teachers and/or Auctioneer.
  • Prep + Sprint & Prep + Tinker’s Oil for insane tempo.

2x Deadly Poison

  • Great value removal and combo activator. Do not be afraid lose value by using it for half the charge if it keeps you even/ahead on tempo.

2x Blade Flurry

  • Provides the burst needed when going for the dome.
  • Great AoE clear with Deadly Poisons & Tinker’s Oil.

2x Eviscerate

  • Rogue? Eviscerate? ‘Nuff said.
  • Amazing with Spell Damage.

2x Sap

  • Pseudo-tempo removal that can be used aggressively to gain the tempo lead or bypass taunts.

1x Shiv

  • A free cycle that allows for smoother curves and activates combo.

1x Fan of Knives

  • The 3rd AoE card that cycles itself and is much needed against Hunter/Paladin.

2x Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil

  • The primary finisher of the deck, which can also be used as a removal with its combo value.

1x Sprint

  • Mid to late game refill. Finding a turn to play this spell while being even on the board generally seals the game for you.

Minions (13)

1x Southsea Deckhand

  • The only charge minion that is best used in combination with Tinker’s Oil.
  • Helps activate combo in the early turns and can be used as removal against aggro.

1x Bloodmage Thalnos

  • Great combo activator that cycles itself. But really, Spell Damage +1 for 2 mana, sign me up.

1x Edwin Van Cleef

  • Often a value 4/4 for 3 mana, yet having the potential to be an actual threat.
  • Otherwise, a great card to develop the board ahead on tempo.
  • Consider deliberately making him a 6/6 against potential BGH decks.

2x SI7: Agent

  • Great tempo removal card with great stats. Staple in Rogue.

2x Violet Teacher

  • Solid mid game minion that synergizes with all the cheap and efficient tempo spells.

1x Antique Healbot

  • Much needed as it provides the only heal to push your life total out of lethal range. Hence, pay attention to your health.

2x Azure Drake

  • Spell Damage+1 that cycles itself with a great body. An essential in any Rogue Deck.

1x Loatheb

  • Solid mid game body that seals games when you have a decent board position and burst in hand.
  • Stops lethal against certain key combos such as Druid (Force + Roar) or Freeze Mage.

1x Toshley

  • Great mid game threat that helps you develop the board on curve.
  • Spare Parts are great to activate combo and Violet Teachers/Auctioneers.

1x Gadgetzan Auctioneer

  • He may not return to his former glory, but he certainly gets the job done.
  • Save Preps to chain draw into your win conditions and/or answers.

Gameplay Tips & Mulligans

You generally are looking for early removal in the form of Backstabs, Deadly Poisons & SI:7 Agent. Sap & Eviscerate is the choice against slower Midrange decks such as Druid and Priest. Also look for your board presence cards such as Shades and Violet Teachers. Other considerable keeps are Prep + Sprint against control or Antique Healbot against aggro. The objective of the deck is pretty clear: kill your opponent before they kill you. What that entails is developing your board on curve and dealing with their board efficiently with your tempo removals. Play to the advantage of the Rogue, its insane speed and tempo. You may not out-value most decks, so play aggressively to stay ahead on tempo. However, always be mindful of your hand size and be patient with your combo cards as you may get better value the turn after. (i.e. Violet Teacher + Backstab the turn after, with the cost of extra damage to your face). Therefore, always watch your life total against aggro decks in particular, and mitigate as much damage as possible unless you’re in a position to damage race.

Play as the aggressor against Midrange and Control decks, while being the control player against aggro decks. Always keep your eye on the prize, which is to eventually set up a board that chips away and find lethal with Tinker’s Oil + Blade Flurry/ Eviscerates. The small decisions are what really matters in order to play this deck well. For example, it is often correct to keep your weapon charge to stay even on tempo in the early turns. However, always plan out your turns in advance as you may need to start hitting face with your weapon during the mid and late game as every point of damage counts towards lethal.

The deck’s best match ups are against other Midrange or Aggro decks. The deck’s worst match up is probably Control Warrior or Face Hunter. It is certainly winnable, but it often comes down to the luck of the draw against these decks. Sometimes you will run into awkward hands full with passive spells or 2x Tinker’s Oil in your first 7 cards. But other than that, I think this deck runs smoothly and consistently enough to warrant competitive ladder grinding.

Conclusion & Statistics

I played this deck to great success recently by climbing from about Rank 1600 Legend to top 100 Legend during the end of the January season. There are several cards in the deck that are tech choices such as Toshley. Hence, it is entirely up to you to tweak it to your needs (a good replacement for Toshley would be Dr. Boom).

I hope you guys have fun playing the deck! I find that this deck/class is a real challenge and joy to play well with. That being said, this deck is not easy to play and often there isn’t a single correct play in a given turn. Thus, a great way to support team vS is to stop by our coaching section and I’ll be glad to teach you the ins-and-outs of this deck. Alternatively, if you found this article to be beneficial, a simple donation will go a long way in helping team vS to continually grow!

Feel free to leave comments and constructive criticisms for me to work on. I am constantly trying to perfect the list to suit the meta that is constantly in flux. That being said, I will regularly update this article with the latest version of the decklist, so be sure to stop by again!

You can find me on Twitter at @AmplexFatum & on Twitch at www.twitch.tv/amplexusfatumx ! Allons-y!