The Comprehensive Deepholm Preview


In this article, we will review the new cards coming tomorrow, on January 18th. Remember that we’re very good at evaluating cards once we see them being played live, but without data, the process becomes educated guessing. Keep that in mind.

Our next Data Reaper Report for Standard is scheduled for Thursday, January 25th.

We’ve assessed cards based on their potential strength and scored them accordingly from 1 to 4 based on the guidelines below.

4- Meta-defining, or an extremely powerful card we have great confidence will see play. Translation: Busted!

3- Very strong card that we’re confident will see play. Translation: Nice!

2- Decent, or niche card with potential to see play. Translation: Okay!

1- A card we don’t believe will see competitive play, for whatever reason. Translation: Meh!

Note that we’ve changed the structure of the piece slightly to accommodate dual class cards.


Death Knight-Paladin-Shaman

Warrior-Demon Hunter-Rogue




We’ll see you again soon!

The Vicious Syndicate Data Reaper team


  1. While Crystal Cluster is great at 5 (with coin), 6 and 10 mana, it’s not very good from 7 to 9. At 7 mana, it only ramps by 2 and gives no taunt. At 8 mana, it only ramps by 1 and gives a single taunt. At 9 mana, it ramps by zero and gives only 2. The problem being that it doesn’t give you the last taunt based on the fact that going from 9 to 10 is useless since you’d get it at the start of next turn anyway.

    • Clearly a newbie mistake to evaluate cards this way, and this early. I’d recommend to spend some time actually playing the game before commenting next time 😃

    • This guy’s comment IS based on actual gameplay experience.
      9 mana ramps(Wild growth, Overgrowth) has NEVER given you a bonus draw
      So it is reasonable to expect no taunts at 7 mana.

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