The Comprehensive United in Stormwind Preview

In this article, we will review the new cards, evaluate the strength of each class set and rank the sets against each other. We will also be ranking the classes, which is impossible to do because there are too many variables, but we do this for entertainment.

In addition, we will be producing a theory-crafting article in which we will present you with ideas on what kind of decks could be successful from each class in United in Stormwind. It will be released on Monday, August 2nd, a day before the expansion’s launch.

We’ve assessed cards based on their potential strength and scored them accordingly from 1 to 4 based on the guidelines below.

4- Meta-defining, or an extremely powerful card we have great confidence will see play. Translation: Busted!

3- Very strong card that we’re confident will see play. Translation: Nice!

2- Decent, or niche card with potential to see play. Translation: Okay!

1- A card we don’t believe will see competitive play, for whatever reason. Translation: Meh!

For neutral cards that we believe will see play, we’ve also listed the classes or decks that are most likely to use them.

Each class piece ends in final thoughts regarding the class’ prospects and its rankings.

United in Stormwind Set rank: How strong is the class’ new set?

Overall Power Ranking: How strong are the class’ prospects based on the entire standard card pool?



Spoilers: United in Stormwind Summary of Ranks


  1. I really see the shaman quest slotting into mostly the current doomhammer shaman list. The deck already runs notetaker to get a similar effect and the double cast on stormstrike or rockbiter is a massive finisher.

  2. I feel like you could add the Priest Quest into any existing Priest deck and it would complete it. It usually generates a bunch of cards and lasts many turns anyway, so what’s playing a diverse cost of cards for a direct win condition really hurt anyway? Definitely better than a 1, at least

  3. @Frozad : The problem with celestial alignement is usually not to win once you get there, it’s to get there in the first place.

  4. After all you guys said about Bolner, I even expected a 6/5, but it ended up a 4/5. Am I missing something?

  5. I feel that you are not considering the interactions with celestial alignment (1 cost all) and the new cards, like oracle (!) and sheldras, maybe they could be better in that archtype.

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