The Comprehensive Whizbang’s Workshop Preview

Summary of Ranks

Class Whizbang’s Workshop Overall
Death Knight 4 2
Demon Hunter 11 11
Druid 9 8
Hunter 6 7
Mage 8 9
Paladin 2 1
Priest 1 4
Rogue 3 6
Shaman 5 10
Warlock 7 5
Warrior 10 3






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  1. Good read overall, but the write up on Timewinder Zarimi is a bit over the top. It just screams, “Blizz, if you’re reading our article nerf this card now!”, and I think it’s way too early to jump to that conclusion. Time Warp effects are strong, but it’s no more strong than OTK card strategies; one could argue it’s actually weaker cause you need two turns in a row to win when other decks can OTK.

    A weakness with Timewinder Zarimi that shouldn’t be ignored is its reliance on dragon tribe. Can’t just put in any deck, must devote enough other cards to get to 5 dragons.

    TLDR – Let’s try not to put a target on cards to nerf before they’re actually a problem.

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