vS Data Reaper Podcast: Episode 1

Welcome to the Data Reaper Podcast! In the pilot episode, ZachO and RidiculousHat cover the initial findings from the first data reaper report after the 12 card balance change. In addition to an initial review of the developing meta, there’s lots to talk about with class developments- Warrior is showing a surprising amount of class diversity while Druid and Rogue are in the middle of significant changes.

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  1. Loved the podcast, thanks for the time you all put in. Would you consider talking about the conquest format and potential lineups?

  2. Still not available on Google Podcast, but looking forward to listening when it is!

  3. Second the request for a transcript if it is possible. Reading is far faster for me than listening.

  4. I play purely as a shaman in the standard, trying to find at least something in it and was able to achieve some successes agro spell damage with a shaman and big shaman, maybe you should consider such options for the development of outsiders?

  5. Kind of wanted to at least hear what research/notes there were to be had about the have-not classes like Paladin and Shaman, even if it’s just a reiteration of why they’re going nowhere or have no room to benefit from meta shifts.

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