1. Really enjoyed this show! Pre-expansion discussion from people who know what they’re talking about is always great. Really gets me turning things over and thinking critically, too, especially when y’all aren’t in total agreement.

    On that note, I had an idea I wanted to chime in with re: tweaking Death Knight discover runes – what if only triple-runed cards that don’t match your deck were removed from the discover pool? That way you can avoid discovering the big payoff off-rune cards (such as triple Unholy finding Furys), but you’re unlikely to run into issues with having too shallow of a card pool.

    Love the show, I listen every week and get valuable and entertaining insights each time. Thanks for reading!

  2. I really appreciated how collaborative this podcast was compared to the last couple dozen or so that I’ve heard. Most of the shows consist of Zacho doing the vast majority of the talking with Hat chiming in only every once in a while. This felt much more like a two-way discussion which for me was far more enjoyable to listen to. I hope to see more of this format in future shows!

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