vS Data Reaper Podcast: Episode 20

A new set announced already? That’s Madness… at the Darkmoon Faire! There’s already plenty to discuss in the early post-patch meta with the recent significant tweaks to mage, but on top of that, we have new cards to go over!

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  1. It’s not true that Elysianna requires you to draw 30 cards to be good and that C’thun only requires 25 on average. Elysianna is very good once you’ve drawn about 28 cards. With C’thun, you have a 33-card deck, which means on average you need to draw 28 cards to have a 50% chance of drawing all 4. Then you shuffle C’thun into your 5-card deck (making it go to 6) and it will take on average 3.5 more turns to draw it. So on average you need to draw 31.5 cards to get C’thun, and 28 cards to get a good Elysianna.

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