vS Data Reaper Podcast: Episode 23

Two podcasts in one week! The first report on the Darkmoon Faire meta is out and we’re here to break it down for you class by class. Can Illidan be stopped? Does Shaman exist? What crazy experiments will ZachO come up with next? The answers to all of these questions are inside.

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  1. I think an important thing to remember in any meta is that agro decks are always easier to play than control/combo. So the data is always going to be skewed towards agro decks seemingly doing better, because the data does not take skill in to account.

  2. Hello
    About rogue deck
    I’m playing miracle rogue without questing and add Akama and 1 evis instead. Akama feels good on curve to maintain tempo.
    also I play 1 Bamboozle and it helped me won some games because people are not playing around it at all.
    and I run Yogg, which I guess it’s not that good but for the new meta’s sake but it’s quit easy to activate it though.

    Thank you guys for your work I looking forward for your future reports and podcasts

  3. So, the best way to play is to ignore the big cards of this expansion and only play the same stuff from the previous expansion. Thanks. I hate it.

    I’m not criticizing you guys. You guys do an amazing job with your meta reports and i’m always listening but hearing all of this hurts a lot. I love big cards and cards that do cool stuff. But the direction the game is heading is always this low curve boring aggro stuff. It is always the most effective way to play and slow decks only see success at high legend which isn’t something i’m going to strive for as it takes too much time. So, i have to accept losing a lot with my slow decks or play with stuff that i hate if i want to have a reasonable climb for better rewards at the end of the month. I’ll still play the old gods even if they aren’t competitive. There’s absolutely no point in playing if i’m not enjoying anything.

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