1. Thank you for all your work this year guys. Indeed, a very frustrating meta; first time I don’t want to badly play the game in a year… and I’ve been playing a lot!, with 10 straight months of legend in both wild and standard, in two accounts.
    ZachO, I totally agree with most of your comments and insight. They should have touched the rest of the elephants in the room, and actually, Worlds game them more time. I think they just had predetermined the changes earlier and the patch was already prepared.

    I said to Hat on Twitter (sorry if I overwhelmed you with messages the other day dude) and I will say it again. The sleeper in those nerfs and the main reason why we have this uncontested shaman meta is Reader. The nerfs to Soul DH, they are what they are and were of course needed; maybe too much to have them both at once but again ok. Brann nerf, logical and I don’t think it hits the deck that much. Polkelt, more than logical; it doesn’t hit aggro hunter and DH THAT much. Would be played on turn 4 only under specific conditions for each deck. Bite’s nerf very balanced and slight loss of damage.

    However, the Reader change was unnecessary combined with the rest, ending up wrecking main aggro strategies. I also think a reduction to health would be more reasonable to mana. For hunter, it has obvious consequences when drawn early and very hard to be played on curve. For aggro DH it’s even worse, messing with either Stiltstepper or your other 3 mana cards on a Skull combo. To be honest, I would have preferred a nerf to Skull than Reader.

    And don’t forget that this affects a couple of aggro decks in wild, where aggro is already pushed by Raza.

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