1. Revenant Rascals have been better than sticky fingers, wider application and still good vs shaman. Original VC posted List is correct.

  2. Been running Warlock Zoo in Diamond with good results.
    Made a few tweeks to fight shaman and warrior (trying to beat shaman). Not seeing much rogue, whew.
    -1 Kanrethad Ebonlocke (don’t own), -2 Revenant Rascal (what)
    +1 Expired Merchant, +2 Kobold Stickyfinger
    Stickyfinger has been great obv and if dead card you can set up to discard to Nightshade Matron.

    PS: Love the cast, listen every week, thanks for the high value content and puns (sorry for encouraging hat), much love.

  3. Going to leave a comment because doesn’t seem to have been addressed anywhere – have you guys checked Face Hunter versus Evolve Shaman? In my experience clearly favored. I cut (weak) Secrets down to minimum 2 – and 1 is Explosive Trap. I run one Unleash and one Frozen Shadow-weaver. Dusted my Polkelt and run Animal Companion. Kill them around turn 5. Seriously you need to check this if you can find the data because this could be a genuine counter to a deck that is otherwise out of control?!

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