1. Grandmasters played Last Hero Standing, not ladder. Control Warrior beat some important matchups for that format. In a general ladder meta, where you can’t ban things, Control Warrior is really bad.

  2. You keep saying that c’thun conteol warrior sucks but it literally won the Grand Masters. I don’t know if I can trust y’all’s opinions anymore.

  3. There were so many missed opportunities this expansion, that could’ve been buffed into existence with this patch. Buff caravans +1/+1 lets see them appear in the game. Tavish Stormpike could get buffed to beasts >0 so 1 mana beasts can come out. Hero Power Mage is just sad, I mean why make all of this fun stuff to only have a Tier 5 deck? Make Wildfire is 1 mana, make Fallen Hero a 2/3 so not as hard to kill, Coldara Drake becomes a 4 mana 3/4 so people can shoot 3 hero powers in a row for 6 damage. For Paladin explore Dude Paladin. Make Pursuit of Justice a 0 mana card. Elemental Shaman just buff everything. Change Neeru Fireblade to When Your Deck is under 10 cards. Make Frenzy cards better in the Mini-Set.

    Just by adding some fresh decks the pre-MiniSet Meta could’ve actually been pretty fun.

  4. Warlock is pretty much the same as Shaman in terms of sets power level and cards consistency. Team 5 often prints something in one expansion and then switch to completely new idea in another, leaving behind almost useless cards, too weak to find place in any archetype ever. For example, instead of adding some solid demons to support Archwitch Willow, they printed useless meme Neeru, wasting for it pretty much the whole Warlock’s card space in Barrens. I bet, that the next expansion will be about something different again, and Neeru, same as Willow (similar to Fel Lord Betrug, Hir’eek, the Bat, Deck of Chaos and many more before), will be abandoned.

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