1. If the audio could be a little louder I’d listen every podcast. Otherwise I miss half of it and that’s too frustrating

  2. Thanks for your reply hat.
    I appreciate your answer. I hope Zacho know he’s lucky to have a brilliant podcast presenter such as you.

  3. I’ve seen some people talk about maybe nerfing warlock on Wild. If there isn’t anything to nerf on Standard by next week, maybe they’ll have some time to shift focus to Wild.

  4. Its not just the combo decks, it is the meta the combo decks create. Can I beat down quest mage with face hunter? Sure. Doesn’t mean thats the kind of deck I want to play either.

  5. don’t worry vifzor, Zach and i talk a lot. i know he heard me and we both agreed the back and forth was good content. we don’t have to agree and that’s what makes the section and show work – but he definitely listened and you can see that reflected in the twitlonger he posted today.

  6. Just play a counter man, there’s nothing better than seeing 1 deck the entire time cuz u can just pick its counter and grab that freelo

  7. No thoughts or any data on Handlock? That was one of the archetypes that got the most support and your analysis on the cards were pretty positive. I played with it and it felt bad but i’m not sure if the reason is because i’m doing something wrong or if the deck just sucks. Jaraxxus feels so slow…

    Yet again the meta is evolving into a extremely fast and aggressive state where high cost cards feel pointless to even exist. I knew that the 5 mana windfury minion thing would just lead to aggressive decks getting insane burst. It will probably create some degenerate bs with stealth minions as well. Fungalmancer feels like a joke compared to it. That is the card that should be addressed. Aggro decks are too fast and efficient nowadays. They don’t need nor deserve a neutral tool to burst down defensive opponents.

  8. Last format, I got so sick of mage and their deck of lunacy bullshit that I quit the game until this month (not because of the expansion, but that worked well timing-wise). Since then, I heard that deck of lunacy received a nerf or it fell off or something, idk, but regardless, I refused to play because of that literally driving me to such frustration I was getting physically sick.

    As such, I’m currently in silver with no bonus stars, so it’s going to be a long climb to get anywhere near legend. In these lower ranks, for a player like me who is stuck in these lower ranks for several wins due to the lack of a star bonus, Quest mage is EVERYWHERE. When discussing balance changes, you need to remember there’s more than just top legend. Having a deck as frustrating as mage reeking havoc on the lower ladder levels is going to do nothing but drive away players and ultimately hurt the game. That’s why, despite the low win-rate in legend, they should still address this deck.

  9. Great podcast by the team again. Just sad that at the end Zacho doesn’t want to listen and most essentially respect hat opinion about having a few healthy nerf (or nudge as hat said)

  10. The game in general just feels way too fast. Lich King will not be a playable card nowadays.

  11. Mage is just wrapping the whole meta. At top legend it is actively countered by people playing very specific decks(quest druid, divine pally, face hunter, weapon rogue and shaman). Out of top legend, it is just dominating most of the decks that require board presence to win. Mage deck is extremely efficient at clearing early threats with cheap spells, once the quest reward is online it just has so much burn from hand with Ignite.

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