vS Data Reaper Podcast: Episode 6

Another wave of balance changes has been announced just before the next Masters Tour! While the nerfs are meant to set up the next expansion to have a larger impact per Blizzard, we expect them to have a major impact on the meta that we’re in now. Join us for a review of every nerf on a card by card basis as well as a per-class analysis of what we predict the standard environment will look like.


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  1. Where’s the new podcast? I need that magic meta breaker recipe that will get me to high legend. =P

  2. Sorry about a few misinterpretations but I was writing on the go. When I wrote “ Definitely last expansion pushed more skillful plays and decks“ and of course I was being sarcastic, I meant to write last patch. The decks that will be able to breathe more until next expansion are either high roll mages or brainless aggro hunters and Murloc palas.
    Will be definitely anticipating next expansion and see whether you keep the same attitude towards the clown fiesta incoming by mages, hunters and shamans (at least with what we’ve seen so far). Or maybe show same sympathy for DH as for Shamans and suggest then to un-nerf Warglaives

  3. Hahahaha, thanks you team 5 for listening to community feedback… hilarious.
    You mean thanks for listening to our biddings, or actually they are so useless that they can’t make their own correct decisions. Indeed, this was what the doctor had ordered….NOT. This brought the game back to the state it was around January. Even worse than it was before with DH and Warrior dominance. If you like the current meta, well enjoy. Many people have abandoned the game until the expansion is out. Enjoy an amazing meta full of random high rolling decks or annoying murlocs. Definitely last expansion pushed more skillful plays and decks. Not to mention meta diversity. By the way, have you checked wild? 60-65% on ladder plays the broken quest mage. Aprentice and Evocation are definitely not broken now. But yes, the problem was again DH and Warrior there.

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