vS Data Reaper Podcast: Episode 60

21.3 is live with some significant changes–we were curious about Team 5’s perspective on the meta so we had Alec on again to tell us what they think! Join us for an interview and a very early look at the new meta.

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  1. The problem with control priest in Barrens was not attrition, it was the fact they didnt have to tech for the meta. They had a deck full of discover cards and you didn’t know what to play around. DO you play around 3 soul mirrors or just one?

  2. Ive maintained a 60% win rate with Fatigue Warlock post-nerf in high Diamond, using the same exact build I played pre-patch. It’s still really good, you just have to adjust your playstyle. You don’t rush your quest anymore, you complete your quest in fatigue. The only change Ive ben considering is taking out a Nightshade Matron possibly for a tech. Keeping a Hand of Gul’dan with your 3 mana Tamsin is a brutal play to draw 6 cards in fatigue for 9 mana, so the second Nightshade feels completely clunky.

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