1. Zach is not seeing the point of the new DH 2/6 naga, that card is bonker.
    The thing you have to understand is that even if you top deck it, you will have cheap spells in hand to activate it.
    We are going to play this with cheap removal spells and big pay-off cards such as the colossal cards.
    I don’t understand how zach can’t see how good are 18 hp wall on 6 mana.
    I’m happy that Hat see that card will be good, as his other prediction in the past.

    • You have to understand that to topdeck means at that point of the game, what you draw is the only thing you can play (unless its Shadowstep etc). Don’t go making up terms. Topdecking on turn 6 is meaningless.

  2. Zach was closest, Lady S’theno is pronounced Sa-thenn-o. She was a leader of the Illidari from the Demon Hunter class intro and class order hall in Legion.

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