vS Data Reaper Podcast: Episode 87

There are some pretty interesting post-nerf insights, though of course the diamond elephant in the room gets some special coverage again this week from Zach. All his homies hate Drek’Thar. But there’s more to talk about too- especially with some classes that gained some breathing room after the Kazakusan rework.

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  1. I liked the podcast. In addition to Drek’thar , I still think Kazakusan is a broken card that greatly limits diversity on the top end. It’s a late game single card win condition that over-prescribes deck building. You can’t run Ysera for value, or other expensive cards that don’t have dragon synergy for fear of activating Kazakusan later than your slow deck opponent who is also running Kaz. Book of the dead, Embers etc , it simply too much.

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