vS Data Reaper Report #28

A weekly Hearthstone Meta Report based on data from over 61,000 games.

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Welcome to the 28th edition of the Data Reaper Report! This week’s report is a shortened one with only statistics. The Data Reaper will now take a break until about a couple of weeks after the expansion’s release, though you will likely be able to track the Meta on our live sheet earlier. As we’ve said last week, all data and archetype recognition will be reset once the expansion goes live. Stay tuned for other kinds of content we will be releasing during this period.

For your convenience, this report has been translated into the following languages: русский中文, and 한국어.

Number of Games

Overall 61,500
Ranks Legend-10 13,500
Ranks 11-15 41,500

Class/Archetype Distribution


Class Frequency by Week


While not much has changed, the most notable trend we can observe is the rise of Warlock. This is actually on the back of Reno Warlock becoming more popular, rather than Zoo. While the deck has many struggles in the current Meta (Hunter, Mage and Druid), its matchup with Midrange Shaman is even while being favored against slow Warrior decks, so there is some merit to the increase in its popularity.

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The numbers we report are the expected win rates of each archetype based on their matchups against the field, factoring in the frequency of all potential opponents on ladder at different rank groups over the past week.

drr28-power-rankings-chartThe story of the week goes to Aggro Shaman. This archetype has blown us away and has seen a crazy surge in its performance against the field over the past week. While Aggro Shaman is mostly overshadowed by its 55%-win-rate Midrange cousin, and is not seeing much play (Sitting at 1%), it is doing extremely well in the current Meta. This is despite the fact it doesn’t match up very well against Midrange Shaman; Aggro Shaman simply destroys nearly everything else. It’s definitely a strong choice for ladder, and an interesting choice in tournaments, since it beats up on some decks that look to counter Midrange Shaman, such as Freeze Mage.

The balance changes simply forced the archetype to look for alternative builds, and once they were found, Aggro Shaman found its way back to Tier 1. The combination of burst damage through Doomhammer/Rockbiter/Lava Burst and such an incredibly powerful early game remains a design issue going forward. It’s simply being hidden by an even stronger form of oppression exhibited by Mid Shaman.


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  1. Is there any estimation on when the next report will come out? It’s been almost 2 weeks since msg and I’m really interested in the meta analysis.

  2. Could you please at least separate ranks more like r10-r5 rank5-legend if legend is not separable alone?

    • If we could, we would. Track-O-Bot lost that functionality a few months ago. However, the good news is that the new update released today and it fixes the problem. So, in future reports, these ranks will be reported separately.

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