vS Data Reaper Will Return July 20th

The vS Data Reaper will return on July 20th!


The balance change to The Caverns Below is going live this week, and we anticipate that many changes will occur in the meta, not just directly affecting the Rogue class, but also all other classes in the game, as well as its archetypes.

In order to best present the post-patch picture, we will be resetting the matchup data and performing recognition analysis in order to make sure that we are able to capture the performance of decks as accurately as possible. As a result, we require a week of post-patch data in order to complete these adjustments and gather enough data for analysis.

A Data Reaper Report will not be published on the 13th as a result. In the meantime, you can observe the meta in our LIVE SHEET. Keep in mind that a few days following the patch, we will be testing our recognition algorithm, which will affect the live sheet.

If you would like to contribute your Track-o-bot game data, sign up HERE. Every little helps!


The Vicious Syndicate Team