A Song of Fiery War Axe & Ice Breaker #11


“Hey, Thrall, what are you watching?”

Garrosh entered a dark living room and glanced at Thrall, who was sitting on a couch in front of a television, the room’s primary source of light. The Shaman was munching on popcorn and only slightly tilted his head sideways in response to his comrade.

“I’m watching the World Cup Semi-Finals. It’s England vs. Croatia”.

Garrosh huffed scornfully.

“I don’t understand what you like in that game” he shook his head “It’s just a bunch of humans running around in knee high socks chasing a ball, and they fall over at the slightest contact. It’s like me using Whirlwind on a bunch of Silver Hand Recruits”.

Thrall groaned.

“It’s a good break from Hearthstone. Sit down and have some popcorn”.

Garrosh shrugged and proceeded to sit next to Thrall, reaching his hand out to the box of popcorn resting on Thrall’s lap. He grabbed as much popcorn as he could with his right hand, and stuffed his mouth full, chewing loudly.

“Who’s winning?” He asked with his mouth still full.

“England is leading 1-0!” Thrall smiled “This might be the first time in over 50 years that they make the finals. Football is coming home, Garrosh!”

Garrosh raised his brow in skepticism “50 years without a World Cup Final? That doesn’t seem like football’s home. More like a timeshare rental! Heh!”

Thrall briefly choked and tried to hold himself from snickering. He took a deep breath and swallowed the contents of his mouth before speaking again.

“England has suffered many defeats and humiliations, but I believe in them this time! They can do it”.

“I don’t see how they beat Croatia, Thrall” Garrosh shook his head “That team’s players look a lot tougher. They remind me of the men of Azeroth, built like brick walls, hardened from wars. Just look at them”.

Garrosh pointed at the screen, which showed a Croatian roughly tackling an English player, bringing him to the ground.

“You just don’t appreciate finesse, Garrosh”.

The only response from the brown skinned Orc was a ‘heh’. The two went quiet as they continued to watch the game while eating more snacks.

As the game continued, Croatia found an equalizer, forcing extra time in which they scored another goal. The final whistle blew, which sparked celebration from the Croatian team, and brought many English players down to the grass. Thrall held his face in frustration.

“I can’t believe they bottled it again!” he lamented.

“I don’t understand why they didn’t play any taunts when they had a lead” Garrosh wondered “That goalkeeper is too small a human!”

“Ah well” Thrall shrugged “They were going to lose to France anyway”.

He got up from the couch and walked towards a computer desk at the other side of the room. Turning the computer on, he looked towards Garrosh.

“Are you up to play some Hearthstone?”

Garrosh smiled, got up from his seat and raised his chest with pride, slowly walking towards the desk.

“Of course! Now Hearthstone is a real game for the toughest warriors! We don’t wear knee high socks and prance on grass. Through wits, mind games and war tactics, we overpower our opponents and crush them into dust. We welcome every challenge that we face, and persevere no matter what!”

Thrall nodded in approval “I’ll go make some more popcorn, and we can play some Shudderwock Shaman then….”

Garrosh’s face froze, and his body stopped moving. Tiny drops of sweat formed on his forehead.

“I… I just remembered I need to go… water the plants in my room!” He fumbled on his words nervously.

“C… Catch you later!”

Within seconds, Garrosh stormed through the room, vanishing into thin air and leaving a perplexed Thrall behind, scratching his head.

“If he was this sick of popcorn, I could have opened a bag of Doritos”.

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