A Song of Fiery War Axe & Ice Breaker #22


A tense atmosphere filled a conference room at Blizzard HQ, as several Hearthstone heroes sat down to discuss the latest events. Jaina was at the head of the table, as both Uther and Anduin were sitting to her left and right. Malurion was seated a bit further away towards the end of the table. His posture was crouched, and he seemed visibly shaken, nodding his head as if he was slipping in and out of consciousness.

“I can’t believe she’s done this” Jaina exclaimed “Burning Malfurion’s card collection was just taking it too far!”

“Her actions were without honor or reason” Anduin followed “Malfurion’s decks were strong, but he was not oppressive. There was no need to take such drastic action”

“I don’t even understand what her motive was” Uther shook his head “What is she looking to achieve? The story just doesn’t make any sense!”

“Isn’t she supposed to be this anti-hero character?” Jaina wondered.

“Morally…. Gray” Malfurion could only mumble a few words as he was shaking back and forth on his chair, with his eyes glowing red.

“Apparently, it was Innervate who goaded her into doing it. What a ridiculous plot point!” Jaina exclaimed.

“We need to get to the bottom of this” Uther continued “Poor Malfurion is going through severe withdrawal symptoms”.

“Got any of those mana crystals?” Malfurion sniffed and rubbed his nose.

“This is why we gathered here, Uther” Jaina spoke “We need to find out why she did it.”

“Yes.” Anduin continued “And I suspect that Sylvanas was working with one of the other Hearthstone heroes. Perhaps, a fellow member of the wretched Horde”

“Indeed” Uther nodded “They had a lot to gain from nerfing Wild Growth and Nourish”

“And don’t forget Valeera, who is absent from this meeting. Her loyalty is only to her ‘friends’!” Jaina frowned.

“Valeera wouldn’t work with Sylvanas though. They are in fierce competition over NSFW fan art, after all. I think we can already tell who’s the co-conspirator just by the process of elimination” Anduin scratched his chin and continued.

“Gul’dan only works with the legion, and Sylvanas hates them.”

Uther and Jaina nodded.

“Sylvanas also hates Garrosh, and he’s too dumb to come up with this plan” Uther followed.

“I also doubt that Thrall would do such a thing.” Anduin said “He’s more honorable than that”.

“Which leaves us with Rexxar” Jaina stated coldly.

“The class that happens to have multiple Tier 1 decks because of Malfurion’s destruction” Uther pondered.

“The loner Orc who tends to stay quiet and keep things to himself” Anduin’s eyes narrowed.

Silence took over the room as the three exchanged quizzical looks.

“I say we sneak into his room and search for clues” Jaina suggested.

“Alright” Uther stood up “let’s meet outside of his room in an hour! He should be taking Misha for a walk at that time. Come Malfurion, we’re going to have lunch”

“Mana….” The Druid whimpered.

*30 minutes later, a shadowy figure was holding a phone to his ear in an empty dark room*

“How did things go?” a feminine voice was heard on the phone.

“All according to plan. They suspect someone else” was the shadow’s response.

“Excellent. How’s Hearthstone doing?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve been this strong. With the tree hugger out of the way, my decks are so much better now, and these fools will never find out.”

“I’m so happy for you, my little Shadowreaper”

“It’s all thanks to you, my beautiful Banshee Queen”

“Ugh, hold up. Nathanos is calling me. This guy still thinks he has a chance”

“What a loser!”


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