A Song of Fiery War Axe & Ice Breaker #23


Garrosh was sitting in his room, browsing the web on his laptop with a sad expression. He was reading the vS Data Reaper Report, finding out that his decks have now sunk to Tier 3. It was another promising start to an expansion, only met by disappointment. He stared at the listed Tier 1 decks and growled at the mention of Control Priest in the Meta Breaker section.

Too depressed to play Hearthstone, he decided it might be a better idea to fire up Overwatch. A few moments later, he was performing his usual pre-game ritual of browsing all of Mercy’s skins in the hero gallery.

Just as he was rotating Witch Mercy in all 360 angles, his phone rang. Frowning, he looked at the screen to find Thrall’s number appearing. He took a deep breath, minimized the Overwatch client and answered.

“Heh, greetings. What is it Thrall?”

On the other side, thunder and loud whooshing noises were heard in the background, suggesting Thrall was at an outdoor location hit by a storm.

“Garrosh! We need you to come over to the main practice room. It’s an emergency!”

“Huh? What are you talking about? Where are you, and what is all of that noise?”

“It’s Anduin’s Mind Blasts” Thrall exclaimed “he’s completely out of control!”

Garrosh frowned “So this is about Hearthstone? I don’t care! He can win all he wants. I’m out. Thinking of switching to Artifact, honestly”

“You don’t understand” Thrall pleaded “Anduin hit Tier 1. This cannot be allowed to happen”

Garrosh chuckled “So what if he hit Tier 1? Every class has been Tier 1 at some point. What’s the big deal?”

“But, Garrosh” Thrall continued “When Anduin reaches Tier 1, his smug levels become unbearable. It’s dangerous to the game, just listen!”

Garrosh listened attentively as Thrall seemed to have pulled the phone from his ear as the noises intensified. Then, a chill ran up his spine as Garrosh heard Anduin’s voice clearly.






“Do you get it?” Thrall pulled the phone back “He’s shooting Mind Blasts all over the place while emoting profusely and we’re completely cornered here!”

“Just squelch him!” Garrosh shouted.

“We can’t” Thrall sighed “His BM levels have overridden the game mechanics. He’s even using the sorry emote again! The developers can’t do anything about it!”

My apologies!

My apologies!


“Well, that sucks” Garrosh responded “but what do you expect me to do?”

“Come over here and beat him in a game so he’s humbled”

“No way!” Garrosh shook his head repeatedly “Tell Malfurion to do it”

“Malfurion drank too much Psychmelon juice and he’s passed out on the floor drunk. You’re the only counter matchup!”

Garrosh went quiet, hesitant about his next words. He was trying to find an excuse to brush off Thrall’s request.

“Garrosh!!!” Thrall cried out.

“Okay! Okay! I’m coming” Garrosh groaned.

“Don’t take lon…”

The call abruptly ended before Thrall could end the sentence.

“Hello? Thrall!? Damn it!”

Garrosh sent his laptop into sleep mode and proceeded to walk out of his room in haste.


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