A Song of Fiery War Axe & Ice Breaker #3

A weekly short story of your favorite Hearthstone heroes Thrall and Garrosh.

In a secret gaming room at Blizzard HQ, Garrosh & Thrall were sitting at a table, playing in their laptops. Thrall was hunched forward, leaning on his right elbow. He yawned, showing little interest in the screen that’s in front of him.

“Looks like I lost again to Gul’dan” he glanced over to Garrosh, who was scratching his head “How are you doing, Garrosh?”

“Barely over 40% win rate. This expansion sucks!” the sound of an explosion resulting from a concession was heard from his laptop. Garrosh clicked on his mouse a couple of times before closing the monitor and leaning back, sighing.

“How do they expect us to compete with Gul’dan and Uther? It’s so unfair!” he continued.

“Tell me about it” Thrall yawned in boredom once again.

“And the worst thing about it is that I still have to remember to auto-squelch them at the start of every game.” Garrosh groaned in disgust.

“Uther is the worst” Thrall followed up “When he says ‘Well met!’ at the start of the game, you know he has Call to Arms in hand, and he doesn’t care letting you know about it!”

Both Orcs sighed. Just as Thrall buried his face on the table and closed his eyes, ready to take a nap, a knock was heard at the door, which prompted him to raise his head.

“Who is it?” Garrosh asked.

“It’s Mike!” was heard from outside.

The two Orcs groaned and Thrall’s face hit the table once again.

“Leave us alone, Mike” Garrosh shouted towards the door.

“I have good news!” was the response.

Garrosh rolled his eyes and got up from his seat. He walked towards the door and unlocked it from inside. As the door was quickly opened, Garrosh now stood in front of Mike Donais, Principal Game Designer on Hearthstone.

“How are my two favorite orcs doing?” Mike asked in a cheerful tone. A wide grin was plastered on his face. Garrosh was unimpressed.

“If we were your favorite orcs, we would have good decks to play” he responded bluntly.

“That’s right! Your favorite orc is Gul’dan” Thrall mumbled, his face still planted between his folded arms.

Mike chuckled “Now, now…. Aren’t we salty today?” his tone remained cheerful and positive. He let himself in the room and sat down in front of the sleepy Thrall. Garrosh followed to sit next to his companion, and tapped Thrall’s head a few times so he would raise his head.

“What news do you have, Mike?” Garrosh opened “Are we going back to the Tier 4 home in the suburbs until the next expansion so we don’t get bullied?”

“There will be no need for that!” Mike winked “After many days of analyzing data and doing some internal testing, we’ve just approved the release of balance changes at the end of the month!”

The two orcs gasped.

“Balance changes!?” they shouted in tandem.

“Yep!” Mike nodded, folding his arms and looking pleased.

“You’re finally nerfing Call to Arms and Possessed Lackey, right?” Thrall was wide awake; his tone was full of excitement and his eyes were sparkling.

“I cannot divulge any details yet” was the answer.

Thrall and Garrosh groaned.

“Give us a teaser, Mike, we’re dying here!” Garrosh pleaded.

“Hmm…” Mike scratched his chin, smiling “Very well. I’ll tell you about one brilliant change we’re making”

“Yes?” The orcs eagerly nodded.

“We’ve noticed that Odd Warrior and Even Shaman need just a small push in order to become strong ladder decks, so we’re giving them new tools by changing the costs of Execute and Lightning Storm to 3 and 4 mana, respectively”.

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