A Song of Fiery War Axe & Ice Breaker #4

A weekly short story of your favorite Hearthstone heroes Thrall and Garrosh.

It was the morning of Tuesday, May 22nd, the date of the balance changes. Garrosh and Thrall were standing in a hallway at Blizzard HQ, just outside a door. From inside, the sound of loud chatter could be heard, signaling that the room was filled with people. Garrosh was pacing back and forth nervously, mumbling to himself.

“We got this, Garrosh” Thrall spoke up, attempting to soothe his companion “Team 5 have finally answered our pleas, and this is our best chance of becoming meta once again”.

“I wish Donais didn’t pull off that prank on us the other day” Garrosh groaned “I was about to lose it!”

“It doesn’t matter now” Thrall interrupted “What matters is that the top meta decks got nerfed.”

“All the meta decks got nerfed except for the golden child of Blizzard!” Garrosh angrily spat back “I swear, Anduin must have something on the developers somehow!”

Thrall sighed “He used to be weaker than what we are right now. There’s no conspiracy here…”

“But what if they haven’t nerfed Warlock enough? What if Gul’dan continues to make fun of me?”

Thrall grabbed Garrosh by the shoulders and gently shook him “Get it together, Garrosh! This is no time to be negative. We need to focus on playing the best Hearthstone we can play today.”

Garrosh’s posture relaxed. A quiet “Okay” was his only reply.

“Did you bring the decks we theorycrafted yesterday?” Thrall asked.


“Did you bring a bottle of water? You need to make sure you stay hydrated.”

Garrosh sighed. “Yes, Mom” he answered with a sarcastic tone.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Thrall opened the door and entered the room. Garrosh quickly followed. The two Orcs felt the glances of seven other people in the room, which were the seven other Hearthstone heroes. They were all sitting at a long table, each in front of a laptop. After a quick glance at the orcs, most of the heroes quickly turned their attention back to their computers. The two exceptions were Valeera, who winked at them, and Uther. Wearing his Paladin gear, he got up from his seat and approached the two Orcs with a big smile.

“Well met!” he greeted them.

“Hello, Uther” they greeted him back, but not with the same kind of enthusiasm.

“It’s a wonderful day, isn’t it?” Uther continued “I can’t wait to play Hearthstone with you guys again. It’s always been a pleasure to compete with two of the greatest Warcraft legends that have ever lived.”

The two orcs looked at each other briefly, curious, before they turned back to the Paladin. Thrall scratched the back of his head.

“I’m a bit surprised you look so cheerful, Uther” he wondered “Considering the nerf to Call to Arms, I thought you’d be slightly upset.”

“Not at all” Uther chuckled “I embrace a fair competition and good sportsmanship. The Light shines brightest when everyone can enjoy the game, and I am happy that there is now a light at the end of your tunnel!”

Uther’s smile was warm and comforting, and his latest words put the orcs at ease.

“I’m glad you feel that way, Uther” Thrall answered “let’s all have a great time today!” he smiled back.

“Of course, just remember” Uther closed the gap on the two, and leaned closer to Garrosh. “The light at the end of your tunnel could be a freight train coming to run over you”. Uther’s smile was gone, and his expression suddenly turned sinister as he intensely stared at Garrosh, causing the orc to tilt his head back in order to distance himself from the Paladin’s fiery gaze. After a few seconds of eyeballing Garrosh, Uther walked away from them and sat back in his chair.

Thrall and Garrosh looked at each other, and gulped.

“It’s going to be a long day.”

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  1. Uther is more or less as much of a twit as I pictured him to be. Good job!

  2. Hahaha, Who would imagine that the Paladin of Light is such a dickhead XD

  3. These are so great! I can wait to see more of the other heroes worked in!

  4. I love these!

    It’s so interesting to see the personalities of the classes that we play.

    I wonder if Rexxar will ever show up, considering he’s also bottom tier and an orc(half?).

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